Frequently Asked Questions

How do you collect Statistics?

All data collected on this site is public data which is visible to anybody browsing Imagine every 30 minutes somebody going through every stream writing down the number of viewers, recording what category they are streaming and keeping a log for 30 days - this is exactly that site!

Is this site an Official DLive Product?

No. This has been written in a couple of days by Tidy, as a tool for streamers to check their statistics with pretty graphs. If you wish to support the development, you can subscribe over at: TidyLabs.

How accurate is the data?

The data is accurate at the time of recording, however due to fluctations in users please allow a small percentage difference.

Why did you make this site?

I wanted to make a statistics site for a while, thought it would be a fun project lol. I only spent a few days on this, there are improvements to be made - but at the moment I want to see if the DLive Community likes it :)

I can't find my channel?

Statistics for channels are recorded when they are live every 30 minutes. If your channel is not showing, please stream for at least an hour for your channel statistics to be recorded.

I've played 10 games during my stream, but it's only showing 2 games?

Statistics are recorded every 30 minutes, multiple changes during that period will not be tracked.

Can you record my subscribers?

Possibly, but this would be an opt-in service provided by TidyLabs

I don't want my channel recorded, can I opt-out?

Currently, no. When you are live on a public website - anybody can record what this site does.

Are you going to sell my data?


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